Ballerinas’ in the House!

It was the first ballet class for I and C. Both of them were excited because they got to see their friends in the class and not to mention they could wear the tu tus (which made them look so adorable!) It was such a sight to see them stretching, extending, and prancing around. They were seated with legs extended and the teacher asked the girls to stretch forward and reach out towards her to touch her. C being right in front of the teacher decides to do the literal thing and reach out and pat the teacher’s hand. Haha! Such a little clown. The jumping-slide exercise was quite adorable. They held a partners hand and followed the teacher as they jump and slid forward. Seeing that C and her partner didn’t really jump, the instructor told them to “jump, jump!” and what they ended up doing was that very thing (minus the sliding), jump, jump, jump! Haha! So adorable!

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